Matching Trips

What made you decide to take a matching trip to LA?

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Melissa :I am 48, Mei Ling told me my chances would be better overseas and I believe her. They offered me several possibilities, including Europe & Australia, my Consultant explained the differences of each to me, which was very helpful. I picked LA because it’s the right choice for me.
And what made you choose Melbourne ?
Betty:I guess the shorter flying time, the fact that Australia is still in Asia, all make Melbourne more attractive. Moreover, while there is nothing between HK and LA, there are plenty of places between HK and Melbourne one could meet for short vacations – Singapore, Bali, Malaysia…etc.
How would you rate your trip overall?
Betty:I had a really wonderful trip & it totally exceeded my expectations. Both the HK Consultant and the Melbourne Consultant were always in touch and reachable throughout the entire trip. It was very well organized, and I really cannot complain.
Have you been to the USA before? did you get on well with Americans?
Melissa :I have been to New York before, but not to LA. My pre-trip briefing was comprehensive and detailed, including information about the local area, what to do what not to do…several pages long, so I was well prepared. ! met both Americans and Chinese guys in LA, all very decent people.
You also went to LA, how would you compare men in LA to men in HK?
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Serena:HK guys are spoiled for choice, many men 40+ and older are still cruising, reluctant to commit. It’s the opposite over there, LA guys 40+ and older are mostly ready to commit. The amount of time and effort a guy would put into planning a date amazed me. They treat a woman like a lady, HK guys have an awful lot to learn !
Why would LA guys be interested in dating HK women?
Serena:For starters, their gender imbalance is the opposite of HK’s. Secondly, perhaps it is the Hollywood influence, most women in LA are rather obsessed with money, fame, power and botox, not necessarily strong on family values. Guys there find a “normal” genuine HK lady delightful.
You went to both Melbourne & LA & had loads of fun, what would you do differently next time?
Gail: I wouldn't do anything different apart from packing less! I only wore half of what i brought along last time ! I would suggest to anybody going to just stick to the dating outfits you look & feel good in. Wear comfortable shoes, guys like to take walks after dinner.
Knowing what you know now, would you recommend this to anyone?
Gail:I am in a relationship now, otherwise I would do it again in a heartbeat! Yes, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking, especially to ladies who have never had any decent dates in HK. The trip gave me back the self confidence I almost lost and I feel a lot better about myself afterwards.
*** The above names have been changed & photos have been substituted to protect the identities of our clients.***