1. The history of long distance relationships
Hong Kong women are probably more accustomed to long distance relationships than anybody else in the world. We have had a long history of this life style for reasons as these:
Message to Women
Long before the neon lights and Chanel handbags, Hong Kong was but a poor little fishing village. Husbands & brothers went fishing in China waters didn’t return home for weeks on end. Life was hard, men seeking jobs ventured to the “South Seas”(南洋) leaving families behind. Eventually, war and communism drove them even further away to California (金山) so money could be sent home.. The Amah Rock still stands today as a monument to the infinite patience of the waiting wives.
Hong Kong began to prosper. However, as a British colony, someone else was in charge. In spite of improved living circumstances, there were not enough schools, and families were forced to send their children abroad for education. Once again, another form of long distance relationships took hold.
Fearing the worst, many had planned an emigration strategy years before the 1997 hand over, whereby fathers and husbands would stay behind to work for as long as possible, while families would emigrate first to faraway lands.....Commuting dads & husbands were called “ The Astronauts ” .

Hong Kong is small and business migration into the Mainland is inevitable. Many husbands who claim to be “living” in Hong Kong are actually spending half time in China already. Those who are not will soon be.…and once again, the wives will be left with yet another round of long distance relationships.
We salute the Amah Rock.

2. Why Should We Consider Long Distance Relationship Again Now ?

Gender imbalance and HK men’s hyper sensitivity towards a woman’s age make Hong Kong a market where there are more women looking for husbands than vice versa, particularly difficult for women above the age of 45 who are not drop dead gorgeous .

3. How Does One Build and Maintain A Long Distance Relationship?
A lady goes on an 4-10 days overseas trip, our office at destination makes all the arrangements. She meets a number of pre-selected candidates, allowing enough time for repeat dates with those she prefers. Upon return, she continues to communicate with her short list via emails, phone calls, whatsapp, skype …… Next, either he visits her or they go on a holiday together. This kind of “condensed togetherness” is a fast and efficient way to find and build a relationship.
4. But I DON’T Want To Relocate !!!!  

This has never been as big an issue as people imagine it to be. Two intelligent people together will easily see which place of abode would make more sense. For as many women who have happily relocated to the husbands’ countries, there are as many men who have relocated here, because Hong Kong is after all, a vibrant, fun and exciting city, it is economically strong, and we also have the lowest tax in the world. There are also couples who simply choose to maintain two homes.
The state of economy should never be the reason for marriage, but if the agenda fits, why not?

5. What Do I Do Next ?
If you are a lady residing in Hong Kong, just register online, someone will contact you shortly and arrange an appointment for you to come in and speak to one of our Consultants. If you do not reside in Hong Kong, pls send to enquiry to info@hongkongmatchmakers.asia