Dear Friends,

We are an international charitable service organization with 2,500 members in Hong Kong and over 1.2 million worldwide. Most of our members are professionals, business leaders and civic leaders. We unite in friendship and service, the exchange of ideas, the pursuit of international understanding for a better tomorrow.

Our “Fellowships” are groups of members organized by recreational or vocational interests.
  1. further their vocational development through acquaintance with others of the same profession
  2. share a common interest in worthwhile recreational activities (sport, hobbies..etc)
  3. Explore new opportunities for charitable community services
  4. have fun and enhance their experiences
Examples of some service projects that we do:
  1. We spend major festivals with caged home dwellers in Shum Shui Po;
  2. We make rice boxes for the homeless; visit elderly homes; sing to the terminally ill;
  3. We mentor & implement career forums in Band 3 secondary schools in Tin Sui Wai;
  4. We help eradicate polio; We bring clean water to Chinese villages, support orphanages… etc.
Examples of some fellowship/ activities that we do:
  1. marathon, golf, yachting, flying fellowships; tennis, bowling tournaments...
  2. annual balls, movie premiere, gala dinner, distinguished speakers…
  3. District, Zone, Regional & International Conventions…trips & tours …
How to Join :
We have Orientation talks from time to time. If you wish to attend one of these, just email us at for details.